05.11.2016: "Salaisuus" released!

Rajaton has released a new album called Salaisuus ("Secret") on November 4th. The group's 15th album contains new original songs in Finnish. Worldwide, Rajaton has sold more than 400.000 records altogether, and in Finland they've received one double platinum, two platinum and eight gold records.

The group members tell about the new album:

"We're really excited about the release of Salaisuus. We've been working on the record for the whole year, and finally we get to share it with our audience. The album consists of new music in Finnish, written for us by prominent Finnish and international songwriters. We wrote all the arrangements ourselves, as well as co-produced the album with our long-time sound engineer Ilkka Herkman."

"Our aim was to find a new angle to our music-making while still sounding distinctively like Rajaton, and we believe that we succeeded in that. Next year, Rajaton celebrates its 20th anniversary, and we're proudly heading towards our jubilee year boosted by this album."

Salaisuus contains 11 brand new songs:

1. Me tiedämme sen
2. Muuttolintu
3. Salaisuus
4. Taas se laulaa
5. Elossa
6. Olen unohtanut kaiken
7. Tuulta päin
8. Lokakuu
9. Kavala
10. Matkalla
11. Viaton