Hannu Lepola

| Tenor


I grew up in Lappeenranta, a small town right next to the Russian border. As a kid I studied various classical instruments in a music school, as well as sung in choirs. In my teens I discovered rock music, got myself a guitar, started to write songs of my own and played the drums in bands.

After moving to Helsinki I continued my band activities, for instance sang and played the bass in a rock trio – just like my biggest idol, Sting. The target was of course a glorious international career as a rock star. While studying singing in the Pop & Jazz Conservatory I met Essi, who in the fall of 1998 mentioned an a cappella group called Rajaton who needed a new tenor. I went to an audition and realized immediately that this was the kind of music-making that I wanted to have a share in. The group seemed extremely purposeful and ambitious, and its members were (and still are, ever more and more) not only great singers, but also wonderful characters and good company.

Little by little Rajaton took over my other musical projects, and I don't daydream about becoming a rock star anymore. By lucky coincidences I got something more than stardom: I'm able to make a living by making better music than I ever could even imagine to exist. During my time with Rajaton I've also realized that a cappella is for me the easiest and most natural way of writing and arranging music.