Jussi Chydenius

| Basso


I was born in Helsinki in 1972. Because of my parents' professions (a composer and a theatre director) I was very much involved in music and theatre from an early age. My interest in music evolved from constant listening into playing the drums at the age of fourteen. By chance and with lots of luck it became also my occupation after finishing high school in 1991. I was a founding member in a Finnish rock band 'Don Huonot' from 1989 until 2001. At times I also played the drums in the tour bands of many Finnish singers.

I got to know choral singing in the Sibelius High School in Helsinki, where I sang in the chamber choir together with Essi and Virpi. I was swept away with the beauty of choral music. Later, I sang 2nd bass in the chamber choir 'Grex Musicus', where I also got to know Soila and Ahti.

I wrote my first a cappella songs in 1995. In the fall of 1997 I was very fortunate to get five of my talented and ambitious friends to join me in singing those songs - Rajaton was born. I am very proud for what we have accomplished since then.

I compose and arrange music for other groups and choirs as well. The Finnish publisher Sulasol (www.sulasol.fi) and Oxford University Press have published some of my work.

My primary hobby thesedays is politics. I was elected to the City Council of Helsinki in 2001. Whenever I have the time, I am up for a game of soccer, basketball or badminton.