Maa (CD)


PLACD 053 | Plastinka Records 2007
Release date: Oct 10th, 2007

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Rajaton made an album that returns to our Finnish roots. “Maa” includes new songs composed to Finnish poetry, most of them written by the group members, and also features a version of the beloved Valse Triste by Jean Sibelius.

1. Nouse lauluni
2. Öin ja päivin
3. Tasangot
4. Villihanhen laulu
5. Tuuti lasta
6. Talvilaulu
7. Hiljaisuus
8. Ikävöi, ihminen!
9. Hiljaa
10. Pakkanen
11. Kevät saapui
12. Valse triste