Tarinoita (CD)


BRCD 101 | Boundless Records 2010
Release date: Oct 6th, 2010

“Tarinoita” (“Stories”) consists of brand new songs in both Finnish and English, mostly composed by group members themselves. As the album title suggests, all the songs included are very narrative and the lyrics have a strong sense of story-telling in them.

1. Onni
Essi Wuorela & Hannu Lepola – Teppo Nuorva, arr. Rajaton

2. The lament (of my heart)
Mia Makaroff, arr. Mia Makaroff & Jussi Chydenius

3. Aurora
Jussi Chydenius – Ilmari Kianto

4. Uphill
Jussi Chydenius – Christina Rossetti

5. Väinämöisen veneretki
Soila Sariola – trad.

6. Satakieli Monrepoossa
Hannu Lepola – P. Mustapää

7. I need you to turn to
Elton John – Bernie Taupin, arr. Ahti Paunu

8. Glass house
Soila Sariola & Jussi Chydenius – Stephen Hatfield

9. Tuuti, tuuti poiuttani
Jussi Chydenius – trad.

10. Surma
Soila Sariola – trad.

11. Kaivo
Mia Makaroff

12. Laulua lopettaessa
Soila Sariola – trad.